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table knife 中文是什么意思

用"table knife"造句"table knife"怎么讀"table knife"的同義詞"table knife" meaning
  • 餐刀。
  • "table"中文翻譯    n. 1.桌子;飯桌,餐臺。 2.手術臺;工作臺;游戲臺 ...
  • "knife"中文翻譯    n. (pl. knives ) 1.小刀;餐刀;菜刀。 ...
  • "table-knife"中文翻譯    餐刀
  • "table serrated knife"中文翻譯    餐齒刀
  • "a knife"中文翻譯    一口刀
  • "knife"中文翻譯    n. (pl. knives ) 1.小刀;餐刀;菜刀。 2.〔詩〕短刀,匕首。 3.【機械工程】(切斷器的)刃部;(機器上的)刀具[刀片]。 4.〔 the knife〕 【外】手術刀。 a folding knife折刀。 a knife and fork (吃西餐用的)一副刀叉。 a pocket knife(可折合的)小刀。 a table knife餐刀。 before you can [could] say knife〔口語〕說時遲那時快;一眨眼;突然。 cut like a knife(風等)冷得刺骨。 get [have] a [one's] knife into sb. 對某人報復,猛烈攻擊某人,同某人過不去。 go [pass] under the knife〔口語〕動外科手術,開刀。 have a horror of the knife 怕動外科手術。 play a good knife and fork 吃得津津有味;飽餐一頓。 sharpen one's knife for sb. 準備懲罰[攻擊]某人。 That one could cut it with a knife…十分明顯的,非常壓抑的。 under the knife 〔口語〕動外科手術。 war to the knife 血戰,鏖戰。 vt. 1.拿小刀切;拿尖刀戳。 2.〔口語〕秘密打擊,用陰險手段擊敗,背叛。 3.刀切似地穿過。 4.用括刀涂(顏料等)。 vi. (刀似地)劈開,穿過。
  • "the knife"中文翻譯    外科手術
  • "a table"中文翻譯    定位子; 一張桌子; 一桌人
  • "at table"中文翻譯    在餐桌邊,在進餐時; 在吃飯; 在用餐
  • "at the table"中文翻譯    吃飯時; 飯桌上; 在桌旁/邊; 坐在桌子旁邊
  • "be at (the) table"中文翻譯    在吃飯
  • "on the table"中文翻譯    (擺)在桌面上,公開地; 擺在桌面上(列為進一步討論的對象),公開地; 在桌面上, 公開地, 被提交討論的; 在桌子上
  • "table"中文翻譯    n. 1.桌子;飯桌,餐臺。 2.手術臺;工作臺;游戲臺;賭臺;寫字臺。 3.(飯桌上的)食物,酒菜,伙食;一桌人〔指進餐者、玩牌者〕。 4.平面;平板,平盤;書板,畫板;板畫;碑版。 5.表,目錄;〔pl.〕(古代刻有法典的)銅表;法典。 6.【地質學;地理學】高原,臺地。 7.(手相)掌,手掌;【音樂】共鳴板;【解剖學】(頭蓋的)骨板。 8.【建筑】上楣,花檐,裝飾板;鑲板;束帶層。 the pleasures of the table 飲食之樂。 table manners 餐桌[吃飯]禮儀,吃相。 a humble [poor] table 簡陋的飯食。 a liberal [bountiful] table 豐盛的飲食。 the high table (英大學)校長餐桌。 a table finisher 〔美國〕食量大的人。 a green table (鋪著綠呢桌布的)賭臺,棋桌。 an operating table 手術臺。 the logarithmic table 對數表。 the multiplication table 乘法表。 a table of contents 目次,目錄。 water table 潛水面,地下水面[水位]。 at table 在吃飯。 (be) upon the table 盡人皆知,公開討論的。 keep a good table 經常吃得好。 keep an open table (擺飯桌)歡迎客人。 lay (a measure) on the table 將(議案)延期討論。 lay [set, spread] the table 擺飯桌。 learn one's tables 學習乘法表。 lie on the table (議案等)擱置。 on the table 公開地;擺在桌面上。 put sb. under the table 〔美國〕打敗(人);灌醉,使醉。 set the table in a roar 使滿座的人哄笑起來。 sit (down) at (the) table 入席,就座用膳。 turn the tables 扭轉形勢;轉敗為勝(The tables are turned. 形勢[局面]扭轉過來了)。 under the table 1. 昏頭昏腦;酒醉。 2. 作為賄賂,私下,走后門(put sb. under the table 使人頭昏腦脹。 drink sb. under the table 灌醉某人。 give money under the table to get a position 為謀求職位花錢賄賂)。 upon the table 盡人皆知。 〔英國〕 wait at table =〔美國〕 wait on table 伺候進餐。 vt. 放在桌子上;提交討論[考慮];〔美國〕擱置(議案);支付;嵌接(木材);制表,記入表內;縫上寬邊加強(風帆)。
  • "the table"中文翻譯    射手榜; 在餐桌旁
  • "to be at the table"中文翻譯    在桌子旁邊
  • "to table"中文翻譯    主桌
  • "table table"中文翻譯    是飯桌
  • "folding knife; pocket knife; clasp-knife"中文翻譯    折刀
  • "a good knife"中文翻譯    一把好刀
  • "a jack-knife"中文翻譯    水手刀一把
  • "a knife and a spoon"中文翻譯    一把刀和一個勺
  • "a knife and fork"中文翻譯    一副刀叉
  • "a man with knife"中文翻譯    有人帶刀
  • "a sharp knife"中文翻譯    鋒利的鋼刀
  • "abscess knife"中文翻譯    排膿刀
  • It seems to be a table knife of mongolian or other minorities
  • “ with two table knives ? ” kreiger said , slicing the air with his scythes “ go back to your bath and forget i was here
    “就用這兩把餐刀? ”克里奇揮舞著他的鐮刀問道。 “回去洗澡,就當你什么都沒看到。 ”
  • With a tip of toothipick you slide across the surface to create stripes or swirl the whole mixture with a table knife until it resembles a marbled effect
  • She sustained a stab wound on her left back shoulder . a pointed table knife with bloodstains was found on the ground about 20 feet from her
  • The sale of these items at all airport shops and the use of table knives with blade in catering outlets within the esra will also be banned . plastic knives , however , are permitted for meal services
  • The murdered man lay on the floor , his head leaning against the wall , and about him was a pool of blood which poured forth from three large wounds in his breast ; there was a fourth gash , in which a long table knife was plunged up to the handle
用"table knife"造句  
  • a knife used for eating at dining table

A table knife is an item of cutlery, part of a table setting. Table knives are typically of moderate sharpness only, designed to cut only prepared and cooked food.
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